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MOJO Empowering Citizen Journalism

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MOJO Empowering Citizen Journalism

Mobile Journalism, also called as portable news coverage, can be characterized as the way toward social event and conveying news utilizing a cell phone or tablet. It is a pattern in news covering and broadcasting and can possibly turn into the new standard in news broadcasting, bending conventional rules of reporting and reshaping the future of journalism just with your smartphone.

Mojo has turned traditional journalism into smart phone journalism and citizen journalism. Smartphone Journalism and Citizen Journalism are the terms used to instruct the people to collect, broadcast and analyze the news and information by the general public especially by means of the internet and mobile phones. It is a complete story-teller with which you can generate and tell the biggest stories and share your experiences with the world anytime and anywhere you want. Mojo has made storytelling easier for you because now you do not need to carry huge cameras or camcorders anymore but only a few tools that include:

Mobile Phone
Some applications installed
There are many types of mobile apps developed for editing purposes nowadays, but following are a few softwares that I use for making videos because these are user friendly and easy to use.

It is an editing application in which you can add your video lumps, edit it and can later add voice over to your video. This software can only be used by IOS users.

It is also an editing application where you can edit your video chunks and can later add voice over to your video. It is android friendly software.

It is a data transfer application from which you can export your videos that you have edited. While making a documentary or any video, you need to keep in mind that your video should be of high resolution or its quality should be good that the viewer of your video enjoy watching it. WeTransfer allows you to export your videos in a good quality.

BigVU/Teleprompter Video Maker:
This application can be another newsroom for you. By using this application, you do not need any newsroom or any studio as it allows you to change the backdrop of the video.

In this era, every individual use social media more than print media and television. Smartphones hold so much in itself. It is now a television, print media, source of entertainment and sending and receiving information or messages.

Why is MOJO the future of journalism?

Cost effective:
Mobile phone is probably the cheapest way of video storytelling, before the advancement in Mobile technology we used to have a camera, camcorder or a DSLR with expensive lenses, but now mobile phones have replaced these tools which are easily available and accessible to everyone.

It is not time consuming. In the past, many media tools were used which took much time for the reporter to get ready to shoot an event or an incident. Smartphones have made coverage easier with cheap and portable tools.

You only need a smartphone and tripod for event or news coverage. These are not heavy at all and are portable as well; you can take these tools with you anywhere and anytime.

Easy way of disseminating content/news
Smartphones are the easiest way of spreading your content as everyone uses different types of social media applications. Social media benefits your content and convincing and significant substance will catch the eye of potential clients.

User friendly apps and softwares
Mobile phones contain some softwares and applications that are user friendly, very easy to use and easily understandable even by kids.

Empowering citizen journalism
There are a number of people who want their voices to be heard and to fill a certain gap left by the others.

Propagation of genuine news
Since media has made so much advancement, genuine news has become a fantasy. Everyone wants spicy news for which many reporters take help of sensational and fake news which gets viral and spreads like fire. Propagation of genuine news is mandatory rather than sensation.

Easy way of video story telling
MOJO trainers have been pulling in consideration for quite a long time, beginning was not very simple as cell phone’s cameras and sound recorders have got better. The web saw a steady increment in the quantity of sloppy videos uploaded to podium like Youtube. Afterward, in a few newsrooms, journalists saw the chance to utilize their mobiles as a revealing apparatus. It is the easiest way of video storytelling because you can share your personal experiences and views about anything through your mobile phones and put it on social media to let the world know your point of view.

Written by Sobia Fazal.

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